Assignment 1 | Sociology homework help

Just download the  attach document with it this post. There is picture in the folder and have to explain in your own. It’s related to sociology topic

  Directions: The following series of questions connect with the picture above of women wearing Burqas in Afghanistan. Burqa – A loose garment covering the entire body and having a veiled opening for the eyes, worn by Muslim women.

1.How would a symbolic sociologist view the Burqa? Explain your answer? 

2. How would a functional sociologist view the Burqa? Explain your answer 

3. How would a conflict sociologist view the Burqa? Explain your answer. 

4. Which one of the perspectives most match your own personal beliefs of the Burqa? Explain how.

5. Which of the perspectives does the following quote, by an Afghani teenager, most match and how? “I think wearing Burqa is nothing but a shame to our whole nation and such a huge violence toward women. It was first brought by Taliban, we never had such a thing in our culture and history before. It is obvious that women who wear burqas do not do it by their own choice or understanding, they have been forced to wear them and obey the men of the family. Even though, it has been almost removed from Kabul, there are other provinces still using them and it makes me really angry and dishonored.” – Mansoora, 18yrs old, Kabul, Afghanistan

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