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Deliverable 6 – risk mitigation action plan | Business Intelligence and Analytics | Rasmussen College System

  Scenario Case Background: Nikola Tesla dreamed of a ‘connected world’ in 1926 that Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, Ian Wright, JB Straubel, and Elon Musk made a reality in 2003 with the creation of Tesla Motors. With the vision of producing an entirely electric car, Tesla disrupted the automotive industry with their innovative thinking. After […]

I need a response to 2 classmates for my financial management 11 class | Financial Manganment 11 | Strayer University–Arlington

1st person to respond to Deborah,  In Chapter 9 of The CFO Guidebook, we are introduced to the tools of capital budgeting. Making specific reference to what you read in that chapter, respond to the following questions: Which metrics and methodologies are the most useful when evaluating a capital investment? Why? Our weekly 6 Lecture Notes […]

Week 2 assignment | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

Instructions Assignment #2: In order to complete assignment #2  you will need to answer the below questions. Please complete the questions in a Word document and then upload the assignment for grading. When assigning a name to your document please use the following format (last name_Assignment #). Use examples from the readings, lecture notes and […]

Mass shootings | CRJ312 | Ashford University

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 9 and 10 from the textbook. Additionally, read the US Department of Justice and US Department of Education report, Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2019 (Links to an external site.). As you learn in the readings, media reports of school crime tend to create misconceptions of […]

Comparing diverse religious perspectives 1

Overview Over the next four weeks, we will be comparing the different religions. Your textbook points out that when we first look at other religions, we often compare them to our own religious preunderstanding. A better way to compare religions is by categories. The textbook provides six categories on p. 10, but The Big Religion […]

Health, culture, and identity | Psychology homework help

  HEALTH, CULTURE, AND IDENTITY Case Assignment Review the brief case study below (adopted from Understanding Cultural Diversity in Healthcare, 2019): Amiya Nidhi was a young woman in her twenties who had recently immigrated to the United States from India. She was in the hospital to give birth. Her support person was her sister, Marala. […]

Discussion 400 words. make sure you provide 2 references and utilize

  Most of the services/support provided for human trafficking (HT) victim come after they have been trafficked and can be considered as secondary interventions. Review some of the possible risk factors associated with becoming an HT victim, and discuss some possible primary interventions that could service to help prevent or reduce HT. The discussion must […]

Assessment 3: foreign currency | Accounting homework help

  Complete two exercises in accounting for foreign currency transactions and translating financial statements from a foreign currency into U.S. dollars. Introduction In today’s global economy, many companies conduct business in currencies other than the currency in which they report. Goods are often imported or exported with prices stated in a foreign currency. For the […]

Week5 | Education homework help

Required components of your presentation: A brief introduction and conclusion Information from your course text Information from at least two additional resources Final slide that includes APA-style references for every resource used Inclusion and brief explanation of the following terms and acronyms, using your own words: IDEA ADA FERPA RtI Eligibility categories (there are 13 […]