Blog post format | Marketing homework help

Big Data, the use of Artificial Intelligence for Marketers, and Privacy are hot topics in digital marketing. For this week’s blog, I want you to focus on how we use data and AI as marketers. Based on your readings, additional research, and what you know so far write an opinion blog on these topics using the questions below as your guideline.

•Support your opinion with links to your sources!!!
•**** The Title Must Be A Question !!!
•You will answer this question in the blog.
•Use images to tell your story.
If you’d like to do an infographic again – go for it.
•Want to get really creative ???? – make this a video blog!

Questions to consider as a Blog Title OR create one of your own:

•What’s good and what’s not about big data and/or AI? 
•What are the limitations of Data for marketers?
•Can we trust every bit of data we get?
•When it comes to customer service what’s the benefit and/or drawbacks of AI over human interaction?
•What do bots and “fake” accounts mean for marketers?
•Is data on past behaviors enough to make accurate future marketing decisions?
•What’s privacy got to do with it?
•How will personal privacy controls (like the GDPR and the CCPA) affect the accuracy of big data?

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