Communicating research results | Human Resource Management homework help

 identifying the audience for program evaluation is a challenging but essential skill. Different audiences will have different needs and interpret findings in various ways. It is vital that researchers know their intended audience and what their audience needs from the presentation of research. Some audiences respond better to visual presentations. Others respond better to statistics. Chapter 16 in your course text suggests a five-step procedure for audience analysis that may be helpful in properly identifying the needs of your audience.

While audiences may differ, one of the most effective ways to communicate with audiences is to clearly explain how the research was conducted and emphasize the most important findings from an objective and neutral point of view. While you may alter the presentation of results to better communicate with your audience, you must never change the results to accommodate them.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Think about the evaluation design you used to evaluate the program, problem, or policy you selected for your Final Evaluation Design (Final Project).
  • Think about the potential audiences for your Final Evaluation Design.
  • Consider how you would present your results effectively so these potential audiences understand and appreciate them.

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