Dr. evil scenario | English homework help



You have been hired by a super evil genius, Dr. Evil! In his plans for world domination you and your team of evil doers are tasked with building a super computer for doing evil deeds. Your project manager suggest that you start your search using either the TigerDirect (www.tigerdirect.com (Links to an external site.)) or the New Egg (www.newegg.com (Links to an external site.)) websites for your search in building your super mega evil computer.

What Dr. Evil must know includes:

  • Microprocessor specs, including, cores, speed, cache and why
  • Make of Mother Board and the buss speed, total memory possible, how many cores can you have installed
  • Type of memory, its speed, and total memory you are using in your computer of doom
  • Video Card and specs
  • Hard Drive type, size, and speed if needed
  • Computer case and any evil lighting
  • Power Supply size (Watts)
  • Any additional peripherals you may add to your computer to help with world domination

Remember to add all of your goodies up and give Dr. Evil a total system price along with a presentation with your system specs. Those teams that do not meet Dr. Evils needs will be thrown in to the Shark Tank of Doom!!

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