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Read carefully: Will need to be submitted by Tuesday evening.

Part 1 of the Continuing Case, due in Unit 3, includes creating the Title Page, Abstract and preliminary Reference List for a formal analysis paper. For the Case, you are to complete a series of “Continuing Problems” from your textbook.  Those Continuing Problems involve a series of business issues related to the “Cookie Creations” company progressive narratives in the textbook end-of-chapter resources.


This is the list of Continuing Problems you will complete: Will be attached

Textbook’s “Continuing Problems:”

· CC  1 – page 37 In the physical text.

· CC  2 – page 83 in the physical text.  

· CC  7 – Part 1, ONLY, page 366 in the physical text.

· CC  8 – Requirement (a), ONLY, page 415 in the physical text.

Use academic resources only. TURNITIN MUST BE UNDER 20%

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