Gb502 week 5 discussion | GB502DLF2P2021 Business Environments in Sub-Saharan Africa | Park University


Unit 5: Discovery Research


Across the world, shifts from manufacturing to advanced manufacturing and service economies have resulted in a change in economic activity and electricity use (Links to an external site.). This discovery research is an opportunity to research the economic development of major energy producing countries.



1. Conduct a literature review and then share your discoveries in the discussion. Let the discussion scope guide  your discovery research. You are required to have at least three resources. 

2. Initial post

1. Provide specific examples that describe the key role energy (oils and natural gas) producing countries, such as Nigeria, Angola, and Equatorial Guinea, can play in their domestic economic growth

2. Provide specific examples to describe the key role of energy producing countries on the global market.

3. Provide recommendations to encourage the efficient utilization of the energy resources in SSA. 

4. Take on the role of a consultant and propose some persuasive recommendations to encourage efficient utilization of the energy resources in SSA.

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