Hlsc 710- research paper: weapons of mass destruction threat | HLSC 710 – Contemporary Issues in Cyber Security and WMD (CBRNE) Threat Analysis | Liberty University


You will complete a Research Paper which will be a Comprehensive Examination of the WMD
(CBRNE) Threat. This paper will be exhaustive. You will provide the following using these
headings: historical reference points in WMD (CBRNE) use as weapons; critical infrastructure
and WMD use from a preparedness as well as mitigation perspective; an examination of each
CBRNE including this sub headings discussions (cover each group in their entirety before
moving on to the next): brief overview of each CBRNE as a group – in other words C –
Chemical weapons or agents; most common agents or weapons in the Chemical group; most
common delivery systems for this group; lethality and other pertinent facts that are specific for
this group; for each group discuss the impact, likelihood by probability and impact; do this for
each CBRNE group. After chemical do biological, radioactive, nuclear, and finally explosive.
Conclude with your thought regarding future threat landscape involving CBRNE/ WMD.
Remember any one of these might be used on purpose by a terrorist or criminal, some might
occur naturally, and others might be encountered through accident.  


 Research-oriented paper
 A minimum of 12–15 full, double-spaced pages of content, not counting title and  reference pages
 Current APA format
 At least 20 sources

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