Hypothesis – educated guess about what you hope to find in the

Hypothesis – educated guess about what you hope to find in the research based on what your currently know or think about the corporation.


Provide a list of indicate the main points by stating the learning objective you are referring to from each module.  You only need to select at least one learning objective per module.


Body (40 Points)

Use a least one piece of support material (definitions, examples, statistics (graphics), quotations, paraphrases, or testimony) to support how the corporation or business you selected reminded you of the key highlights of the module or chapter discussed.

Look for ways that the business you have selected aligns with learning points you found interesting (or attention getting) in the text, discussion, homework or videos. Here’s the rhythm of each paragraph for your consideration:

Thesis – What Does the Text Say About the learning point you have selected?

Anti-thesis – What does the research commensurately say about the corporation you are researching?

Synthesis – What’s your point of view? Does the corporation align or not align with the in-class reading materials?

Main Point 1: Module 1

Human Resources Theory

Explain the concept of human resources

List and explain the theories of human resources discussed and share how these theories impact today’s management, especially in your company.

Main Point 2: Module 2

Human Resources Management

List the functions of human resources management and share how they are implemented in your company

Identify human resources management team in your company

Share several key human resources management strategies used during COVID 19 health crisis

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