Mgt 3640 final test organizational communication (60 questions)


Chapter 7

1. Groups tend to outperform individuals when

A. time pressures are intense.

B. members share similar opinions.

C. standards of performance are high.

D. employees are not highly committed to the job.

2. An effective team exhibits all of the following except

A. shared goals.

B. directive leadership.

C. a results-driven structure.

D. competent team members.

3. One tip that can help members of virtual teams is:

A. Members should not confer privately with one other team member; all conferring should be done with the entire group.

B. Members of virtual teams should not express their personal emotions.

C. Unlike face-to-face teams, virtual teams do not have to deal with cultural differences in communication style.

D. Test the technical system the group will be using in advance of the meeting.

4. The Leader Member Exchange (LMX) theory teaches that

A. leaders exchange perks for good performance from members.

B. because time and energy are limited, every leader has some high-quality relationships with employees, and some low-quality relationships with other employees.

C. an effective organization will exchange its worst leaders for new leaders each year.

D. if employees exchange their poor communication habits for better communication skills, they will become leaders.

5. Coercive power is a function of

A.  a person’s job title.

B.  the consequences a person can impose.

C.  a person’s intelligence.

D.  the degree to which a person is respected.

6.  Referent power is a function of

A. a person’s job title.

B. the punishment a person can impose.

C. a person’s intelligence.

D. the degree to which a person is respected.

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