Nursing research and evidence based practice


Capstone Chapter 2

Draft Chapter 2, the literature review, with a minimum of 15 (including the 5 already cited in Chapter 1) supporting research articles. As noted in Week 1, you will ultimately be required to have a minimum of 20 research articles. If you included them in this week’s assignment you will not need to add additional articles throughout the course, otherwise, you will be adding five more in Week 4. Remember to identify where you meet the Programmatic Outcomes (PDF) by placing them on your POID Table. Submit this and all subsequent drafts of Chapter 2 to the Chapter 2 Dropbox. 

Note- the template is already attached just go to where Literature review is written in the template and write there and save and send back to me, dont edit any other thing in the template just write under literature review save then send the whole thing back,thanks.

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