Project management | Operations Management homework help

Objective:  To analyze a project by evaluating the impact of organizational context on that project.

Read Chapter 2 in the Schwalbe text and then participate in the Forum on the Four Frames.

Make at least two posts to the Forum by the due date.  At least one post has to be a different frame from the first.  Read the forum guidance carefully.

The topic question of this forum is “How can the four frames of organizations help project managers understand the organizational context for their projects?”

In addressing this question, I would like you to think of ways that a project manager can act within the four frames. Give us an example of working within each frame. Each student should make at least two posts, one in each of two frames.  


Please make meaningful posts, that is, posts that are topic-related, and help us learn.  Refrain from the simple “I agree” or “I don’t understand” posts.  If you agree with something, then add something.  Why do you agree?  Why is it important?  If you disagree, then what is your alternative?  If you are confused or do not understand something, then focus on explaining why or explaining what parts you do understand and what parts you don’t with some intelligent attempts to increase understanding.


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