Question 25933

Match 1-6 with below answers.
1. High Plasma soidum
2. High Plasma potassium
3. Low blood volume
4. high blood pressure
5. durg used to treat high blood pressure
6. thirst

Answer box:
Increase vasopressin
Inhibits ACE
increase angiotensiongen
increase aldosterone
atrial naturitic factor

Question 2:
Low blood pressure causes the juxtaglomerular cells of the kidney to secrete?

Question 3:
Angiotensin II has several activities which act to do what to blood pressure?

Question 4
Angiotensis II does what to arterioles?

Question 5:
Angiotensis 1 is synthesized in?

Question 6: What is the enzyme which allows the mineralcorticoid receptor to avoid activation by glucocorticoids?

Question 7:
What is the name the endocrine part of the pancreas

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