Question 278707

Mendel found that full pods are dominant over constricted pods while round seeds are

dominant over wrinkled seeds. One of this crosses was between full, round plants and

restricted, wrinkled plants. From this cross, he obtained an F1 generation that was all full and

round. In the F2 generation, Mendel obtained his classical 9:3:3:1 ratio. Using this

information, determine the expected F1 and F2 generation result of a cross between

homozygote restricted, round plants and full, wrinkled plants.

In another cross involving parent plants of unknown genotype and phenotype, the following

offspring were obtained:

F1 3/8 full, round: 3/8 full, wrinkled; 1/8 constricted, round; 1/8 constricted, wrinkled.

Determine the genotype and the phenotype of the parents

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