Response to classmate week 1 | DDHA 8246 – Advanced Application of Practice-based Research in Health | Walden University

 Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ postings providing feedback on their analyses. Did they analyze the function of each step in the process? Did they discuss how each step in the process related to the other steps? Did they utilize resources from this week to support their analyses? 

this is my classmate posting that need to be answered by questions above


Step 1: Decide on a topic.
You will be expected to choose a topic for your capstone project during the coursework phase of your doctorate, before you formally become a PhD or doctoral candidate. If you’re preparing a PhD dissertation, you should pose an academic question that allows you to undertake research in an area that no one else in your field has completely investigated.

Step 2: Find a mentor and a capstone committee.
A PhD or professional doctorate committee must approve your dissertation or doctoral studies before you can receive your doctorate. In many cases, you will be matched with a faculty member from your program who will serve as both your advisor and the head of your capstone committee. They’ll assist you in identifying and maybe recruiting the other members of your team.

Step Three: Obtain Project Approval
The capstone committee will assess your topic and offer you approval to go to the next level in order to guarantee that it is worthy of a dissertation or doctorate study.

Writing and defending a proposal is the fourth step.
Once you’ve chosen a topic, you’ll need to compose a dissertation or doctorate study proposal. Your proposal will include a description of the unresolved problem or unanswered question you want to investigate, as well as a discussion of the methods you propose to utilize. Your capstone committee will look over your proposal and decide whether or not it should be accepted.

Collecting data is the fifth step.
A capstone project is essentially a data collection and interpretation project. It will be your responsibility to gather that information. While the specific data you collect will vary depending on your topic, the data collecting step usually entails a thorough assessment of existing literature and unique research.

Step 6: Summarize What You’ve Learned
You’ll be expected to deliver your findings in a written document after gathering and analyzing your data. This document might be hundreds of pages long for many PhD and professional doctorate candidates. The key is to stick to your field’s accepted dissertation/doctoral study format and clearly communicate your topic, facts, analysis, and conclusions.

Step 7: Collect feedback
It’s quite improbable that your dissertation or doctoral study’s initial draft will be sufficient. As a result, you’ll be expected to give your advisor comments. You’ll need to make adjustments after that, which may include acquiring more data and/or rewriting entire sections of your dissertation/doctoral work. In many circumstances, you’ll find yourself going back and forth with yourself.

Step 8: Make a Case for Your Project
The oral defense of your dissertation or doctoral studies in front of your capstone committee is the final stage before earning your degree. The committee will approve you for your PhD or professionally focused doctoral degree if you have done good work and are well-prepared.

Each of the steps is designed to assist in the formulation and research of the next step. for example, the questionnaire formulated in step 1 acts as a center to guide you in the research of the next step. This is because the questionnaire raised in the first step has to be approved in the second step so that the student can proceed to the third stage. 


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