Skills in developing the innovation

Describe your chosen innovation.  Your chosen innovation should be mature enough to show the entire lifecyle through all four innovation types discussed in the course.

What is your choice?, Why did you choose it?

Describe the innovation for each of the “types”,  Research, Disruptive, Sustaining, and Breakthrough,

Discuss the type.  State why (what is your reasoning).

Discuss the “skills” used in developing the innovation.  Choose from between observation, associative thinking, networking, and experimentation.  What were the skills?  For associative thinking be sure to compare the innovation to another.  State why (what is your reasoning)

Describe the innovation within the context of Schumpeter’s categories.   Examples are new product, new materials, new combinations, etc. 

What type of creation is it?  Cultural or commercial?  State why (what is your reasoning) 

Who benefits from the innovation?  What is the value to society?  State why (what is your reasoning)

What or who are the enemies of the innovation?   State why (what is your reasoning)

Provide a conclusion and your references. 

1.innovation related architecture / Landscape architecture

2. follow the templates

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