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Problem 1:

Hint: I highly recommend that you study an example of descriptive statistics in STATA that has been posted under “week 1”

For this problem, use the following variables from the “Random Sample Residents” data file to answer the questions below:

Chain2: This variable indicates whether the assisted living facility is part of a chain (e.g., Sunrise, etc) or not.

The levels (or groups) for chain2 are:

1=yes (facility is part of a chain)
2=no (facility is not part of a chain)

Mocharges: It indicates monthly charges paid by the residents for services that were provided by the facilities.

The levels of mocharges are as follows:

1 = $1000

2 = $1000-2999

3= $3,000-4999

4= $5,000-6999

5= >=$7000 (at least $7000)

LegoStay: This variable indicates length of stay (how long residents have been at the assisted living facility) for the residents at their facility.

The levels of legoStay2 are:

1 = 1-12 months
2= >1-3 years
3 = >=4 years (at least 4 years)


  1. Describe (i.e., conduct descriptive analyses) the following variables: chain2, mocharges, LegoStay2. Provide an interpretation of your findings.
  2. Examine how an assisted living facility that is part of a national chain (e.g., Sunrise) is associated with monthly charges. Provide an interpretation of your findings.

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