The deep dark web lab

Exploring the various layers of the web provides an understanding of the concepts of search engines and hidden aspects of information buried within them.

Part 1:

Complete the following:

  • View “The Deep Dark Web Lab” video, located in the Class Resources.
  • Download and configure Onion Routing.
  • Understand the concepts of the deep and dark web.
  • Explore how intelligence gathering techniques can be utilized using the dark web.
  • Explore how criminal activities are bought, sold, and utilized online.
  • Utilizing the dark web, identify and provide a screenshot of an abusive or illegal activity which will be used in Part 2.

Part 2:

Throughout your career as a cyber professional, you may be asked to conduct intelligence gathering activities. In preparation, write a 250- to 500-word email synopsis that you would provide to your immediate supervisor identifying what cyber threat intelligence and information is, and why it is important. Provide the screenshot of the abusive or illegal activity and identify whether the activity in question is a cybercrime or cyber-assisted crime if carried out. Compare and contrast a cybercrime versus a cyber-assisted crime using your example as a basis for discussion.

APA style required for the body of this assignment.

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