Week 2 discussion | DDHA 8246 – Advanced Application of Practice-based Research in Health | Walden University


This week students will use the class discussion board to draft the following sections of the prospectus form. (Hint: use the below headings in your initial posting)

  1. Study Title
  2. Supporting Literature Search Results
  3. Supporting Literature Research Justification – 3 annotated literature summaries to justify the HSO research problem
  4. Problem – social health problem
  5. Problem – research problem

Keep in mind that the Doctoral Study process is iterative and cyclic, so you will be returning to various sections of the form to make revisions following instructor feedback and information from the published literature.

By Day 4

Create an initial discussion post that contains the following elements:

  1. Study Title
  2. Search terms and databases searched
  3. 3 annotated literature summaries for an HSO organizational research problem
  4. Single sentence social health problem
  5. Single sentence research problem

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